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Trust The Network.
We pool collective human intelligence.

Network Institue

The «faciliTANK» is a think tank and network institute. «faciliTANK» is a crowd-funded organization, associated with a peer network of independent experts.


Our Mission


«faciliTANK» pools human brainpower to harmonize offline and online collaboration.


We support individuals, teams, and organizations to benefit from digitally transformed new ways of working.


We perform research and launch experiments on how to successfully embrace innovation with empathy for human needs.


We facilitate the right balance between face-to-face and remote collaboration, combining high-tech with high-touch.

Our Mindset.
Collective Intelligence beats AI.
Principles of our collaboration


faciliTANK is an agile, sociocratic, self-organized peer network organization. Our collaboration is based on our shared mission.

#2 PEERSHIP We work in teams to realize our mission. Teams are as small as possible, and as large as necessary. Each team can elect new members. Prerequisite is that new members identify with our mission, commit to our principles of collaboration and are willing and able to contribute to progress. All team members have an equivalent vote; everyone who is affected by a decision must be able to influence this decision.

#3 CONSENT DECISIONS The team makes decisions based on the principle of consent, i.e. the aim is not to seek everyone’s approval, but rather to move on as long as there are no objections. Anyone who disagrees has the task of developing an improved proposal, which the team then decides again based on the principle of consent.

#4 TRIAL & ERROR INNOVATION All activities of the teams are user-centred, result-oriented and resource-saving. Using sprints, prototypes, MVPs and customer feedback permits continuous improvements in quality and maturity. Experiments are our empirical attempts to find effective new ways. Opinions are also examined, confirmed or rejected by experiments.

#5 ACCOUNTABILITY At the beginning of any job or project there is a “commitment day”, in which each team member promises a specific commitment regarding his or her contribution. Each team member takes ownership of individual tasks and works on them proactively. In case a team member can’t fulfil the committed contributions, he or she will proactively inform the team.

#6 TRANSPARENCY Each team has two weekly meetings. All information is shared transparently: tasks are collected in a backlog, progress is shown in Kanbans. Every new sprint begins with sprint planning and ends with a demo and retrospective.

#7 FAIRPLAY The team shares all products, results and profits and earnings will be distributed according to the committed contributions. In a retrospective, all team members review the accuracy of commitments. The goal of this process is that all team members finish the project with a feeling of a fair distribution and identify learnings for follow up projects.

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